Youth in Revolt

Rated 2.0

How much is too much Michael Cera? It seems like only yesterday that medical experts considered regular intake of red meat, cigarettes and Michael Cera’s awkward-sweet fidgeting to be harmless. Of course, recent studies have shown that even small doses of Cera, as well as the mewling indie-folk songs that seem to follow him everywhere on-screen, can be dangerous and possibly lethal. That makes the imminent DVD release of his practically unreleased comedy Youth in Revolt, in which Cera plays both the geeky virgin Nick Twisp and his “dangerous” alter ego, Francois Dillinger (don’t ask—the dual-role concept goes absolutely nowhere), a legitimate threat to society. Director Miguel Arteta has made good films before (Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl), but this one wasn’t worth his time; Justin Long and Zack Galifianakis show up to provide no laughter whatsoever.