Yes, it’s ladies’ might


It's not normal to listen to a record three times in a row, is it? Maybe not, but sometimes there's an album so damn good it seems to get stuck in permanent rotation. Such is the case with the self-titled debut from Lady, a soul duo comprising England's Terri Walker and the California-born Nicole Wray. Previously, Walker's 2003 debut Untitled was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, while Wray is best known for her Missy Elliot-produced 1998 single, “Make It Hot.” Together, they create a throwback sound that evokes the best of '60s Motown, '80s R&B, and vintage '90s hip-hop beats. The result is a buttery-smooth collection of jams such as “Money,” an anthem for independence, and “Karma,” an achingly gorgeous breakup lament. Available on CD, vinyl and digital download.