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Greta's Records by Allison Anders

Filmmaker Allison Anders (Gas, Food Lodging; Grace of My Heart) won Greta Garbo's rock and pop album collection on eBay and decided to document her experience listening to each record via a blog. Here, the reclusive actress, who died in 1990, is revealed to have had surprisingly eclectic taste. Among the artists in her collection: the Beatles, Linda Ronstadt, Simon & Garfunkel, and Gene Clark. In fact, Garbo owned a copy of Clark's 1974 album No Other—the record sleeve for which features an image of the actress. Anders muses on theories as to why Garbo owned it—dismissing the notion that she wanted it because of the photo: “If her wit and irony [are] to be believed … maybe she could have bought it as a little personal in-joke with herself and the world.” http://gretasrecords.tumblr.com.