Yes, Guinness is vegan

Despite a 2017 switch, misinformation persists

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, marking the annual vegan outcry that Guinness, the beer synonymous with March 17, isn’t vegan. Despite company announcements in 2017, PETA’s blessing, and regular confirmation on Barnivore (the go-to website for vegans who imbibe), the rumors that Guinness isn’t suitable for herbivores persist. That’s because many beers and wines use isinglass, a fish-derived gelatin, as a clarifying agent. But—as mentioned—Guinness did away with isinglass in most of its beers in 2017. Those noted as “dry hopped” are still not considered vegetarian friendly, presumably because the haziness of the dry-hop process does require additional filtration. Whatever you choose to drink this St. Patrick’s Day, do so responsibly and respect your fellow human animals by staying off the road.