Yates Kids Home Page


“I’d like this to be a place where anyone can go to ‘visit’ the children,” says the introductory text on the opening page of yateskids.org. Warning—this is a disturbing site. Andrea Yates allegedly drowned her five children last June at home in Houston, Texas, and her husband and the kids’ father, Russell Yates, put this Web site up in November. It’s apparently not the work of a professional Web designer, rather a simple page where one can click to view photos or home movies of the late Noah, John, Paul, Luke and Mary. A home movie of the kids’ funeral is accessible under “other,” as is a transcript of said ceremony. Other items include a gag order issued by a judge, along with an address for the Andrea Pia Yates Defense Fund, which promises it will donate any excess monies raised for this capital case to help fund research into such women’s health issues as postpartum depression and psychosis.