Smack Bush

Now, this is terribly immature of us, but we figure some of you may still be a little unnerved by how the "tone" has changed in Washington, D.C., these past four months. If the "honor and integrity" restored to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. by its current resident appears, to you, to be uncomfortably close to the vibe in post-Weimar Republic Berlin, then you may fancy engaging in a little virtual pugilism. Click on the left or right fist in the foreground on your screen and it punches the oil-company sock puppet until an anvil drops on its head. Then another sock puppet pops up; punch it and it turns into Mad magazine icon Alfred E. Neuman before erupting into flames and flying off. Punch the third sock puppet and a plane flies overhead, bombing it back into the Stone Age. Rattled by a certain political party’s bite-the-pillow approach to bipartisanship? This site may give you a few vicarious thrills.