Fucked Company


Just when you thought irony had gone away forever, the New Economy came to a crashing halt and FuckedCompany.com was born. Pud, the host of this Web site, has been chronicling the demise of the tech sector since last year, encouraging victims and pending victims to post rants and rumors concerning their extremely fucked companies. These range from disturbing fantasies involving the assholes of former bosses to genuine scoops on upcoming dot-com disasters. Particularly ironic is the Happy Fun Slander Corner, in which participants, most former low-level dot-com employees, take it out on the latest victims, which at this writing appears to be the employees of Webvan, the online grocery store. “I can’t wait for the UPS of milk and cheese to get the fuck out of my street!” writes one happy fun slanderer. If the NASDAQ continues its free fall, FuckedCompany is one dot-com for which business will be booming.