Denise Rich, songwriter

One thing George W. Bush has over his predecessor is his superior taste—in music, at least. But then, Bush happens to be from Texas, home to some of the coolest music and musicians on the planet. Bill Clinton, however, has been known to fraternize with some real schlockmeisters. Take “songwriter” Denise Rich, the wife of the fugitive financier that President Clinton pardoned on his last day in office. Rich has co-written tunes for the likes of Celine Dion, Mandy Moore, Kathie Lee Gifford and a laundry list of “quiet storm” R&B acts; think bargain-basement Diane Warren and lots of stinky songs with “love” or “heart” in the titles. She’s also buddies with Clinton, close personal friend of Barbra Streisand and half-brother of a guy who cut an album of sub Michael Bolton poop a while back. Ironically, whilst the press corps includes so many rabid Clinton cock hunters, you’d think by now that some newshound would have made some hay with the name of Rich’s now-defunct techno label: DV8 Records. Lazy bums.