Nostradamus search engine

Whilst the quatrain “Come the millennium, month 12/ In the home of greatest power/ The village idiot will come forth/ To be acclaimed the leader,” which seems to be turning up in a lot of e-mail boxes, may look like the work of Nostradamus, this handy search engine points out that it’s not the work of everybody’s favorite 16th-century apocalyptic seer. Sorry. But there are hoots galore at this site. Type in “king of terror,” and you’ll get: “The year 1999, seventh month/ From the sky will come a great King of Terror/ To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols/ Before and after Mars to reign by good luck,” which got a few folks all hot and bothered last year. (Some insist that quatrain C10Q72 was mistranslated; that Nosty meant to say “King of the Mongoloids,” referring to you-know-who.) There are plenty more here, many of them truly creepy. Yep—buttloads of fun for the whole family!