CIA Hompage for Kids

Oh. My. God. Just when you figured it might be safe to let the chilluns loose on an unsupervised romp through the Internet, porno be damned, something comes along to cast the wisdom of that decision in a truly weird light. Are we talking about Junior and Muffy logging on to the Temple of Cthulhu’s “How to Sacrifice Rover for Samhain” page? Nope. Worse. Our spooky friends in the Central Intelligence Agency have scraped together enough pocket change from the black budget to come up with this nifty informational site, which uses “Bogart the Dog” and his canine pals to recruit the kiddies into the joys of covert espionage. “Policy makers, like the president, do not have time to read all the other countries’ newspapers … there are just too many of them” says the pitch on the “What Is Intelligence?” page. Right. Kicking back with today’s copy of Pravda or solving neat puzzles is a kewl job, kids! Chilling.