In the Mix - Websites

If you’re as pathetically obsessive as we are, then you haven’t missed a single episode of this year’s MTV Real World New Orleans (Tuesday night, “on the 10 spot,” which I think means 10 p.m.): Seven strangers, picked to live in a maaa-nsion, having no shame in their game, squabbling like, oh, your garden-variety 19-year-olds with too much media damage. And hey—here’s something to keep you occupied from Wednesday through Monday. Four of the lucky seven now have their own tiiight Web sites! Check it out: Passive-aggressively horny Mormon girl with “Life in Hell” teeth Julie’s site,, is part Star Trek and part Josie & the Pussycats; it’s the most aesthetically challenged of the bunch, and there’s no Stevie Nicks MP3s or mention of Battlestar Galactica, either. It’s cartoony, and so is extremely high-maintenance girlfriend Melissa’s site,, which hews to a kindercore aesthetic that’s sooo 1995—and remarkably content-free, too. But she’s promising to post some original “art” soon. Yep, we can’t wait. Annoying trust-fund fratboy/Dudley Do-Right lookalike Jamie supposedly owns a business (think: tax write-off for daddy),, which looks like an extreme-sports lifestyle site for other trustafarian butt-heads; surprisingly, there’s no mention of John Galt or Howard Roark. The most involved of the bunch has to be the closet-case albino who dresses like the McDonaldland Hamburglar M@'s site,, which is self-aggrandizing and unintentionally funny, with way too many references to his frightening Hawaiian shirt collection and Barry White. Great diary, too, for you psych students. Missing are sites for future blonde newsbot Kelley, gay party-boy Danny and doo-rag-sportin’ steroid casualty David. Here’s hoping they also find their "flow."