Free Republic

How you respond to this Fresno-based Web site depends upon where your political leanings fall. If you’re a red-meat conservative, and you don’t know about this one yet, you’ll likely howl with delight. However, if you’re anywhere to the left of Rush Limbaugh, the opinions expressed herein may send you running to the nearest passport office. Of special interest to students of the budding brownshirt movement in America are the forums, many of which are splattered with invective so bilious and scathing that if the opinions expressed in them came from a left-wing perspective, the FBI would have shut this place down long ago as a terrorist threat. To paraphrase syndicated columnist Molly Ivins, it probably makes more sense in the original German. Oh, and if you’re a moderate or liberal who’s been wondering where all those “spontaneous demonstrators” in Miami last week came from, many were recruited here. Yikes!