Red flags in Florida

At the risk of beating a dead horse (OK, dittoheads, I’m ducking your airborne tomatoes), here’s a Web site that spells out in no uncertain terms how illegitimate the incoming Bush administration is. Can you say “coup d’état”? I knew you could. Organizing the chronology of the Shrub coup into seven categories and 71 points, with 86 hyperlinks—mostly to relevant news stories—this site spells out how a 224-year experiment in representative democracy came lurching to an ignominious end this past November and December. It’s all here and it’s all, well, not good: irregularities like ballots weirdly designed, trashed, forged or “disappeared”; collusion between a scheming neo-monarchist family, corrupt officials and in-on-the-fix Supreme Court justices; intimidation from GOP brownshirts all gonzo’d up on piña coladas and Mein Kampf; Highway Patrol officers on the prowl, disenfranchising African-American voters with VWB (voting while black) roadblocks … Yikes! Florida looks like one swell place—if your name’s Augusto Pinochet. If this stuff doesn’t piss you off or scare you shitless, you’re either a Republican or too you’re numb to care. It can’t happen here? Yeah, right.