Dub Selector


From the digital realm of the completely baked comes this extremely crucial and I-tal Web page, where you, the armchair Mad Professor, can proceed to find yourself enmeshed in the psychic Jamaican equivalent of a rat maze for hours on end. Try it. Click on the turntable to emanate some main ingredients like a bassline and such, then tart it up by mousing over the drum pad icons, or click on the keyboard for some melodic embellishment. The effects are hypnotic—especially if you’ve predisposed yourself to this particular avenue of mesmerism via non-Joe Friday-like behavior. For a few different graphic interfaces, click on one of the icons at the bottom of the page, which link to three or four additional do-it-yourself dub pages, any of which come in handy when you can’t remember where you left those Joe Gibbs discs and you’d fancy having your synapses scrambled by indubitably blunted audio signals.