Will stop for skewers

Skewer trio, Slightly Skewed

Meat on a stick is one of the great portable foods. Slightly Skewed’s food truck dishes out grilled meat skewers and street food inspired by the flavors of Central and Southeast Asia. Smoke billowed out its roof as the loud hiss from the grill with sizzling proteins were both welcome aromas and sounds while I placed my order for a Skewer Trio: Bulgolgi Beef, Teriyaki and Ginger Chicken ($9). The bulgogi was slightly sweet, yet savory and incredibly tender. The chicken skewers were each charred to perfection with bits of crunch between bites of Teriyaki glaze, but the standout was the Ginger Chicken with its zing of fresh ginger and smoky finish. If you see this truck parked, stop. Various locations, slightlyskewedtruck.com.