‘Little cravings’

Tostilocos, Sweets and Sugars

On Tuesdays at Sweets and Sugars, an ice cream parlor that specializes in Mexican sweet and savory treats, its Tostilocos are on special. For $5, this antojito (little craving) is a generous portion of fresh mango, crisp cucumber and jícama chunks, crunchy-coated peanuts and tamarind gummies, all piled high on top of spicy Salsitas corn chips. Everything is then doused in a mild hot sauce and a splash of lime juice. Each forkful is filled with a variety of textures: crisp fruit, chewy gummies and crunchy chips and peanuts all coated in just enough heat and tangy citrus. Be forewarned: Tostilocos traditionally comes with cueritos (pickled pig skins). I wish I had gone without those elastic, gelatinous toppers. Other than that, it’s a delicious mouthful that pairs well with an ice cold Modelo. 3051 Freeport Blvd. —Steph Rodriguez