Who’s Your Caddy?

Rated 1.0

A wealthy hip-hop mogul (Antwan Andre Patton, a.k.a. Big Boi) joins an elite South Carolina golf-and-polo club, where his streetwise ways clash with the prejudices of the club’s stuffed-shirt president (Jeffrey Jones). That’s the joke, friends, and what writers Bradley Allenstein, Robert Henny and Don Michael Paul (who also directed) come up with isn’t nearly as witty as the title. Patton has a nice screen presence (shown to much better advantage in last year’s ATL), as do Tamala Jones as his love interest and Jenifer Lewis as his mother. As for most of the rest of the cast (aside from the luckless Jones, Jim Piddock as his assistant and Garrett Morris in a throwaway cameo), it’s strictly amateur night. The film has the air of home movies spliced together by a gang of buds laughing at their own jokes.