The Simpsons Movie

Rated 3.0

A careless act by the chronically careless Homer Simpson (dumping a silo full of manure from his pet pig) so pollutes Lake Springfield that the federal government quarantines the whole town under a huge dome. Later on, Homer and his family are able to escape from the dome (and their angry neighbors) and run off for a fresh start in Alaska. The big-screen debut of the long-running animated sitcom is like a good episode of the show, extended to feature length without losing the raucous rhythm or subversive spirit of the prime-time show in its prime. All the usual characters and gags make an appearance (including Krusty the Clown, Itchy & Scratchy, and Bart’s after-school blackboard punishment), and good laughs are frequent. Be sure to stay through the credits or you’ll miss baby Maggie’s first word.