Whoa! Wool?

I’m making an effort to pay attention to what goes into the materials I buy. If I purchase something made of 100 percent wool, can I assume I’m making a responsible choice?

It’s not only the material that matters, but how it’s prepared. Traditional processes required to treat wool use toxic chemicals. Select wood products from companies that promote organic treatment methods.

I am renting a house where they just painted the walls. How can I help speed the outgassing process? I am very pregnant and worry about the health of my baby.

Your health and the health of your baby are of utmost importance. In addition to the following suggestions to reduce the outgassing from your newly painted walls, please consult your physician. To improve the air quality inside your home, provide as much ventilation as possible and place fans in open windows. To minimize the toxic effects permanently, speak with your landlord about applying a non-toxic paint or sealant over your current paint job. For further information, contact Green Sacramento at www.greensacramento.com. Congratulations on your baby!