Hybrid diapers?

How bad are disposable diapers and are there any alternatives other than cloth diapers?

Considering your baby’s disposable diapers still will be around 20 generations from now, they’re not at the top of the heap when it comes to environmentally conscientious products. Companies such as Seventh Generation and www.tendercarediapers.com produce a more eco-friendly diaper. Gdiapers.com produces a fashionable Earth-friendly hybrid of a diaper, with hip and colorful “little g” cloth pants that functions as the reusable shell of the diaper. Inside the snap-in liners is a biodegradable absorbent material, so you can flush (yes, flush), compost or toss.

Is there an environmentally friendly way to control the aphids on my roses? I understand ladybugs are a great form of natural control, but I also heard they can infest your home. Is this true?

Ladybugs can be your new best friend when it comes to controlling your aphids naturally, but you need to select the right species for the job. Asian lady beetles hibernate in clusters and are known to work their way into homes through little crevices in the siding, especially in light-colored homes facing the sun. Convergent lady beetles do not have the same hibernating behaviors and will not infest your home. You can find these ladybugs at your local nursery or garden center. Wait until sunset, spray your roses and release your new best friends onto your plants. You can also purchase ladybug food to keep these critters around even longer.