My husband leaves me cold

I’m one of those people who are always cold. I use a little space heater in the evenings to keep warm, but my husband complains I’m wasting energy. Any suggestions?

Snuggle up with a hot-water bottle. Fill it with warm water to keep you toasty all evening without using energy beyond heating the water. You can find good old-fashioned hot-water bottles at your local drugstore in the over-the-counter pharmaceutical section. They’re also great for cold offices and camping.

What is so unsustainable about purchasing your average food product from the grocery store?

Collectively, it’s the production, packaging, processing and transportation efforts to get that food product into your hands. Most large-scale food production weakens the environment in some way. Excess packaging also is costly to produce and dispose of. And purchasing foods produced in some faraway place halfway around the world costs oodles of excess carbon emissions to transport. Suddenly your local farmers’ market looks pretty good, huh?

I’m excited to have several bird nests around my home this year. What should I do if I find a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest?

First, make sure the bird has really fallen out and is not just in the middle of testing its wings. If it’s without feathers, it’s clearly too young to fly. If you cannot easily return the baby to the nest, place it in a warm, dark, secure container with ventilation in a quiet area. Do not feed or give liquids—this could harm the baby if he has internal injuries. Immediately call Sacramento’s Wildlife Care Association at (916) 965-WILD to connect with a wildlife rehabilitator. WCA also has a baby-bird nursery open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to accept injured, sick or orphaned wild animals. The nursery is located at 4215 Kitty Lane in Sacramento, behind 4261 Auburn Boulevard. WCA also rehabilitates injured mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Visit to get in touch with the appropriate rehabber and thanks for saving our furry, feathered and scaly friends.