CFLs win the battle of the bulbs

What’s so bad about washing my car in my driveway?

There are a couple of reasons to wash your car at the local carwash rather than in your own driveway. The water you use to wash your car at home carries chemicals from non-eco-friendly carwash soaps, oil that has leaked from your vehicle and fertilizer from nearby lawns down the storm drain, which directly empties into our rivers and streams, polluting sensitive wildlife habitat—not to mention the amount of water you use. Automated car washes are designed to use a limited amount of water per wash and are required to direct water runoff into the sewage system, where it’s treated and harmful chemicals are neutralized.

How much better are CFLs over traditional light bulbs? I still like the quality of light from traditional light bulbs better.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are the golden child when it comes to lighting your home. They last years longer than traditional bulbs and save thousands of pounds of carbon emissions over their lifetime. Collectively, they can take a giant-size bite out of your energy bill, as well. For the best lighting, try the bright white or warm white CFL bulbs. It may take a little while to get used to the slightly different lighting, but the trade off is well worth the adjustment.