Look for the hop next time you shop—buy cruelty-free

Ask a Treehugger photo submitter Sarah Hoffman hugs her little buddy, a sapling, near Boreal.

Ask a Treehugger photo submitter Sarah Hoffman hugs her little buddy, a sapling, near Boreal.

The other day I had an amazing facial from a spa I hadn’t patronized before. I loved the products she used on me, but when I asked her if they were tested on animals, she didn’t know, so I didn’t buy them. Is there a resource available that can easily tell me whether or not a company tests on animals?

Yes! The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics developed the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, the internationally recognized non-animal-testing standard. Visit www.leapingbunny.org and click on “shopping guide” to request a free pocket guide of companies that comply with CCIC standards or to view the list online. Companies in compliance with CCIC display the “hopping bunny” with a line through it on their products. Look for it!

We are slowly undertaking projects to green our home. Our current effort is to find a way to let more natural light into our home without remodeling. We have standard dual-pane windows and screens. Are there window treatment improvements we could make?

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Renewal by Andersen has a product called TruScene—a high-transparency insect screen that is nearly invisible. It’s as though you’re looking through a screen-less window, which lets in more light and provides better ventilation. Check it out at www.renewalbyandersen.com.