White Stripes

Get Behind Me Satan

The White Stripes’ new album is like the missing Plastic Ono Band album from the ghost in the machine. If you miss that sound, this is your thing—especially “The Nurse,” with its pounding drums, screeching wails and the twisted line “The nurse shouldn’t be there to put salt in your wounds.” “Blue Orchid” is grungy AC/DC rock complete with high-pitched vocals and wild drums. Meg White’s drumming skills are too intrusive and amateurish at this point in the game, though. They sometimes overpower Jack’s soulful vocals (and the less said about Meg’s vocals, the better). “Red Rain” is bizarre and cool at the same time, a stopping-starting freaky acid trip. This album will not appeal to everyone, but then, the White Stripes never did. They just want you to feel the love, the pain and the hurt of living.