The Frontline

Now U Know

Looking for a fresh jam but tired of the East Coast gangsta sound? Check out the Frontline’s debut album Now U Know. The disc has some thumpin’ West Side beats, and the lyrics are real because they’re not trying to be “gangstas.” This duo raps about everyday stuff with flawless style. The title track is an anthem to the pride these West Coast rappers (out of Richmond) have for their hometown. In “What Is It,” featuring superstar E-A-Ski, they spill about their controversial loss at MTV’s 2003 MC Battles. They shred through the story with their clean flow, proving with a fat middle finger that it ain’t nothin’ to them. This is the sickest sound coming out of the Bay Area underground right now, so roll your windows down, crank the bass up and “Bang It!” like the song says.