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Music from The O.C. Mix 4

Back in my day, we had to write down the songs on Beverly Hills 90210 and make our own mixed tapes (to listen to while walking to school uphill both ways). These days, shows like The O.C. and One Tree Hill capitalize on the fanaticism of teenage girls with their own soundtracks. The O.C.’s fourth compilation found its way to the office stereo in irony, but it has stayed on in regular rotation. Radio-ready tracks by second-stage acts like the Futureheads and Flunk are anchored by heavyweights like Beck and Modest Mouse. Of course, the album is calculated to interest listeners in supporting the Warner Bros. catalog of not-quite-famous bands and seal listeners’ willingness to watch commercials in between episodes of The O.C., but somehow it still comes off like a bouncy mixed tape made by a friend. Those Fox marketers are good.