Ben Folds

Songs for Silverman

The DualDisc release of Songs for Silverman—DVD on one side and CD on the other—is a great introduction to Ben Folds for those who aren’t already rabid fans. Piano rock isn’t for everyone, but it’s a lot more accessible when you have some insight into the performer. In the 25-minute video, we see Folds conducting his audience in a sing-along, hopping around on one foot with his kids and explaining his approach to songwriting. We also hear from William Shatner (with whom Folds collaborated on two previous projects) and see Al Yankovic (singing backing vocals for the track “Time”). Musically, the album is classic Folds, only this time spare and reflective. Highlights include “Landed,” about a man trying to reconnect with old friends after a failed marriage; “You to Thank,” about the pressure to marry young; and “Jesusland,” a glimpse at religion in suburban America.