When green breaks, they fix it

As this week’s Ask a Treehugger column suggests, an abundance of “green” information floats in cyberspace. But most people don’t know where to find it. This week, www.TheDailyGreen.com dipped its carbon-light toe print into an already crowded pool of green Web sites. Daily Green offers eco-news and environmentally sound lifestyle tips with one standout feature: a bevy of healthy recipes, eco-food articles and blog forums. It’s hard to say whether the site will outshine its competitors. So far, it’s less news centric than www.Grist.org, with a lifestyle bent more consumer-friendly (read: less of a downer) than www.EcoGeek.com. It’s more kitchen-savvy than www.LighterFootstep.com but not solely focused on food like www.Ethicurean.com. Daily Green combines the straightforward lifestyle approach of www.GreenLivingOnline.com with hints of innovation reminiscent of www.RecycleThis.co.uk. Bookmark these sites and you’ll learn something new every day.