Vote, save kittens

Monday is the last day to register to vote. It’s the 21st century, so you can do so online now. Yeah, I realize California matters little when it comes to the Obama-Mittens throw down, but there are some popping local contests. For instance:

1. Vote Steve Hansen. The Alkali Flat attorney is up against Land Park architect Joe Yee to become the first city council member to represent the entire central-city grid. I actually cast my vote for Yee in June’s primary—but have been swayed by Hansen’s passion and vision. OK, so &8220;passion&8221; and &8220;vision&8221; are of a bogus electioneering vernacular. But I’m convinced that this Hansen guy will be a watershed for Midtown and downtown. Or at least he’d better be: I expect an unprecedented commitment to music and the arts, robust investment in new-tech and green sectors, and a man-about-town style of leadership.

2. Yes on Measure U. I’ve no quibbles with deficit spending one’s way out of a recession. But since cities can’t dabble in the red, there’s no Keynesian solution other than to raise taxes. Enter Measure U: Bump the sales tax up by half-a-percent over six years, rake in an estimated—and much needed—$28 million annually. If city council members don’t spend sagely, knock ’em out in 2014.

3. Yes on Measure M. SN&R’s editorial board says to vote no, the argument being that a charter commission would be a distraction. But I’ve been persuaded by SN&R columnist Cosmo Garvin: This fall’s inevitable incarnation of strong mayor will (again) clog city council’s peace pipe. A yes vote on Measure M will ensure an at-least back-burnered strong-mayor agenda.

There are so many other reasons to vote—to beat U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren, to give schools a makeover (see SN&R’s endorsements, &8220;Vote with us!&8221; page 16)—so visit right now and get registered, because I’m pretty sure every time you don’t vote, a kitten dies.