¡Vegan loco!

Orphan Breakfast House lists vegan options such as the Vegan Loco

The vegan lifestyle can feel rather tame. Carefully checking ingredient labels. “Splurging” on vitamin B12 supplements. Skipping every dessert at the party, because they’re all made with eggs and butter. Vegans have to find crazy thrills where they can—such as the delicious Papas Loco ($12.50) at Orphan Breakfast House in East Sacramento. It’s a pile of rosemary potatoes, black beans and salsa fresca, garnished with grilled jalapeños, fresh green onions and cilantro. Sliced avocado rides sidecar, along with flour tortillas to roll your own breakfast burritos. Normally, the Papas Loco comes with cheese and sour cream, but if you order a Vegan Loco (“crazy vegan” in Spanish), you’ll get the dairy-free version. Have it with a pink New Zealand Sunnyslopes herbal iced tea or, if you’re feeling even crazier, a dark roast coffee or Mexican Coke. 3440 C Street, orphanbreakfast.com.—Becca Costello