Deceptively creamy, vegan potluck approved

Treeline Soft French-Style Nut Cheese goes well with just about anything at any vegan-friendly potluck or gathering

For a recent vegan potluck, I picked up one of my go-to snacks: Treeline Soft French-Style Nut Cheese. Within minutes of placing it on the table, a party-goer sampled the plant-based cheese, then marched into the kitchen.

“Everything’s supposed to be vegan but someone brought real cheese,” she said. Upon realizing it was my offering under scrutiny, I showed her its packaging as proof that I hadn’t broken any potluck rules.

Made from cashews, this non-dairy cheese has a creamy texture and robust flavor. Available in five flavors —I like the zippy Green Peppercorn—it’s a thick, spreadable dip that pairs nicely with just about anything. Scoop it up with crisp crackers or add it as a condiment to your favorite meatless burger. Spread a thin layer over roasted root vegetables or slather it on a crusty baguette. Pick some up at Nugget Markets, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and Whole Foods locations. All delicious, all vegan potluck-approved.