This slide is on fire

The word bodega isn’t used much in California. It’s more commonly used on the East Coast to describe basically a corner store. Lit Delhi, a tiny store and purveyor of Indian-fusion eats across the street from the state Capitol (1129 11th Street), self-identifies as a bodega. Lit Delhi earns its flames for its vegan friendliness: “Almost any menu item can be turned into a vegan option,” it says on its website, including its specialty, the Punjabi burrito, plus a wrap, vegan dog, samosa, samosa chana, lentil soup, naan pizza, papri chaat, rice bowl and vegan frozen yogurt from local Cornflower Creamery. The kitchen is upstairs and sends some orders zooming down a charming plexiglass slide adorned with hand-drawn fire emojis to the front counter. Those emojis (and slide) let customers know Lit is lighthearted, and as for the food, portions are generous, prices are low and I would go back to try every vegan item. That’s Lit.