Vegan food is not a trend

Anthony Scuderi is antsy for tomatoes. The Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. chef is eager to use the warm-season fruit in his kitchen—especially for the restaurant’s vegan menu, which currently includes a chickpea fritter (his favorite) and an exquisitely garlicky spaghetti squash dusted with smoked paprika, almonds and asparagus. The vegan menu is placed on every table with the regular menu, and Scuderi estimates 15-20 percent of his diners order from it. The chef also offers Impossible Burgers—he said they’re “the closest thing to meat,” and sells about 40 a week—garnished with sautéed mushrooms and Miyoko’s Kitchen “cheese,” soon to be replaced by Davis-based cashew cheesemakers Jule’s Foods. Scuderi is genuinely excited about more plant-based food options, and as such, just added vegan poutine and mac and cheese dishes, using a cheese sauce from Jule’s. Try the whole vegan menu at 1630 S Street.