Avocado-toast rebel beverage

For readers who won’t spend $4 on a beverage for the same reason they’re abstaining from buying avocado toast—to save for a house down payment instead (which would take 20 years)—Rebbl isn’t for you. But for readers who are fine with fronting four Washingtons, these bottles of coconut-milk-based elixirs are sweet and creamy, spiked with beneficial herbs and extracts. Rebbl, a company from Emeryville, Calif., emphasizes its environmental and social consciousness in its business model, using ethically sourced ingredients and donating a portion of sales to a human-trafficking nonprofit, which is all great. Maybe that makes the Ashwagandha Chai flavor taste a little spicier or the Maca Cold-Brew a little richer or the Dark Chocolate Protein a little more indulgent. Eight of its 11 flavors are vegan-friendly, and they are available at local natural food grocery stores and Raley’s. Check rebbl.co for specific locations. Buy a few avocados while you’re there, rebel.