Dumplings for unsocialized toddlers

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Why are wrapped foods so alluring? Burritos, samosas, spring rolls, dumplings—is it because they’re portable or because we like tearing them open with our mouths to see what’s inside, like unsocialized toddlers ripping open birthday presents? Either way, the bubblegum-pink-walled Dumpling & Tea House at 3000 Freeport Boulevard makes vegan dumpling wishes come true with vegetable dumplings and vegetable bao. There are 12 dumplings in an order, steamed or fried. The six-pack of bao features sesame seeds on the bottom of the buns, upping the flavor and texture factors. Then there’s the cucumber and garlic salad—thinly sliced cukes with enough raw garlic to keep rabid dogs away from your face for a week. Total bliss. The staff pointed out the other vegan-friendly menu items: fried onion bread, broccoli with garlic, steamed tofu with house sauce and spring rolls. Plus, there’s plenty of boba tea for those who like to chew their drinks.