Not yo regular fro-yo

Don’t expect the Pressed Juicery Freeze to taste or have a texture exactly like traditional fro-yo, because it isn’t and it doesn’t. Pressed Juicery combines almond milk and dates plus simple, “clean” ingredients for its vegan and sugar-free frozen treats, and while the result isn’t as creamy or sweet as what comes out of a Pinkberry spout, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Actually, its vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and matcha Freeze flavors are good enough to spoon without toppings, but they’re there if you want them—raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, coconut shreds, chocolate chips, almond butter, cacao drizzle, chia seeds. The national chain has a shop at Ice Blocks (1710 R Street, Suite 170) and the Fountains (1182 Roseville Parkway, Suite 145 in Roseville). Do expect to get brain freeze if you eat it too quickly, though, because you can escape dairy-based soft serve, but you can’t escape science.