Sac Loves Hip-Hop: The Official Mix Tape, Vol. 1

Producer 26hrz and friends lay out the red carpet for this handful of knightly emcees who are not so quietly stomping their way into rap history. Broadway Floe Montana sets a regional, authoritative mood for the rest of the mix tape by rhyming (about himself) over a banging West Coast beat by Authentic. With the help of Cawzlos’ victorious rhymes (rapping like he just knocked out a cop) and M.I. Geezus’ Rocky-esque “Train Hard,” it’s clear these workaholics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Listen for Mahtie Bush’s volatile rhymes (and singing?), as well as Alumni’s “Push a Button,” a track (with a stunning Asian-influenced beat by SupERKutz) that’s so fly it needs its own pimp chalice. It’s all love. Or hate? Fuck it; at this point, it doesn’t much matter, does it?