Various artists

Do business executives blaze the green? This 13-song business-jazz take on the oeuvre of seminal reggae figure Marley, produced by bizjazz guitar mainstay Lee Ritenour and reviewed by yours truly at the insistence of a label publicist, attempts to answer that question. The answer is, well, imagine Kitty O’Neal in dreadlocks. It’s an odd fit, kinda like a Cypress Hill tribute to Dianetics might sound. It isn’t awful; it’s well recorded, and Lexus dealerships should find it handy as a stereo-demonstration disc. Guest vocalists Maxi Priest, Jonathan Butler, Patti Austin, Phil Perry and others sing/emote over lush (not funky, like the Meters) backing tracks by an A-list of bizjazz “cats”: Ritenour, Michael Brecker, Gerald Albright. Ergo, it beats the flaccid Beatles tribute GRP released a while back. However, the thought of getting baked and listening to this scares me straight—to put it, ahem, bluntly.