Jaheim used his singing skills as a ticket out of the New Jersey projects where he grew up. R&B music should be thankful. The 21-year-old crooner’s debut CD, Ghetto Love, is a dynamic mix of majestic ballads and up-tempo pleasers that detail his formerly difficult life: the struggles, the strength and—most of all—that soul-saving elixir, ghetto love. Whether he’s questioning a hottie’s intentions ("Could It Be") or wondering if he’ll see her again ("Just in Case,” “Heaven in My Eyes"), Jaheim’s raw vocals soar, powerful and assured. Credit Blackstreet’s Eric Williams and producer Kay Gee—the guru responsible for the multi-platinum groups Naughty by Nature, Next and Zhane—for creating these brilliant beats. When combined with Jaheim’s rough and tumble but sweet as honey vocals—reminiscent at times of soul survivors Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross—Ghetto Love sounds so ghetto fabulous.