The masters of horrorcore are back with their latest entry into the electronic death-metal arena. Using B-horror movie samples, an unhealthy dose of fuzz bass and the worst vocal distortion on Earth, Mortician’s down-tuned death metal is in a class by itself. This two-piece (Will Rahmer: bass, vocals; Roger Beaujard: guitars, programming) goes from zero to 180 bpm in seconds with music that contains elements of grindcore and death metal—imagine Gutted, Disgorge (Mexico), and Benumb rolled up into a giant mass and you’re halfway there. Domain Of Death‘s lyrics cover such topics as mental telepathy, ax murders, world disasters and serial killers. Sounding like Rahmer and Beaujard ate too many Cool Ranch Doritos [ed. note: Huh?], Domain of Death should make you and your family nauseous at first listen. How about some Pepto-Bismol with the next album? Simply crushing. Nine out of 10 urinal cakes.