Various artists

Talent Show

Is there a signature Sacramento sound? Though the local scene is pretty diverse and hard to pigeonhole, this sampler from local indie label The Americans Are Coming (featuring two cuts apiece by the duo Jared Southard and Andy Wagner from Low Flying Owls, Frank Jordan, Moth Spy, Dungeons and Drag Queens, the Proles and Amber Padgett, plus single tracks from Tha Fruitbat, thenewstrange, Call Me Ishmael and Tycho) makes a strong case for moody, textural post-psychedelic rock and electronica. The common denominator is label head Eddie Jorgensen, who sometimes writes for these pages. Most of the cuts here were culled from various releases by the label, although there are a couple of unreleased tracks. Most intriguing are Padgett’s edgy electro-folk and Moth Spy’s musique concrete numbers. A fine set.