Gary Young’s Hospital

The Grey Album

Gary Young is a child trapped in a man’s body. Upon leaving Pavement somewhere between Slanted and Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, that band’s former drummer has pursued a path, three albums’ worth now, that veers between import-rock obscurities (with a heavy emphasis on German prog bands and such New Zealand faves as Tall Dwarfs) and the kind of audio-verité outsider record-making that’s highly prized by thrift-store collectors. Still, not all this is new; if you own Young’s 1999 Things We Do for You, much of this will sound familiar, as five tracks here—among them “Antagonist Aside,” “Fred Named Friend” and “I’m Going Through the Same Midlife Crisis as Phil Collins (True Love)”—were cannibalized from that album, now out of print. Genius? You make the call.