Jackpot frontman and singer-songwriter Rusty Miller most likely has spent plenty of time out driving or riding around, and this album unwinds the way a good driving record should, or like a good late-night record might. Jackpot’s métier is the kind of textural post-country music favored by such exponents as Wilco; Miller’s laid-back twang, a nice mix of Hank Williams and Nick Drake, with more than a hint of Paul Westerberg, sounds right at home on these tracks. At its most sublime (“Windshield Wipers,” “Dizzy” and “Long Gone”), F+ sounds like Jimmy Webb collaborating with moonlighting members of Tortoise. But even the lesser material ain’t bad; kinda like driving to Galt in the afternoon. (Local geographic references on the album: Coloma and Rio Linda.) Overall, a fine effort that drags in places.