No You Cmon

No You Cmon, the second of two new discs from Lambchop, begins with the lovely instrumental “Sunrise,” which adroitly combines string-section swells with pedal steel; the result is a Jimmy Webb wet dream. Then Kurt Wagner continues with more nicotine-stained sotto voce ramblings over the band’s inspired atmospherics, referencing whip-smart Sigma Sound soul and cheesy Floyd Cramer countrypolitan. “Nothing Adventurous Please,” a brief foray into noisy post-punk/pop, and “Shang a Dang Dang,” an arty Stax/Volt-style sing-along, provide aberrations that deviate from these albums’ overall downbeat vibe. Still, why this wasn’t a two-CD set instead of two separate albums, only Wagner knows. No You Cmon is a bit more diverse than Aw Cmon, but overall, these are two peas in a pod. And what fine peas they are.