Until the End

Let the World Burn

Florida-based Until the End—unlike the countless straight-edge hardcore bands that manage to clone themselves into their influences—has succeeded in producing a driving, believable listen. From the opening track, “Buried,” to the album’s live closer, “Nothing Between Us,” we’re treated to a healthy dose of Hatebreed/Death Threat hardcore with the groove of early Obituary and Machine Head. Vocalist Mean Pete couldn’t have chosen a better moniker, and drummer Wes Keely, guitarist John Wylie and bassist Dan Mazin keep the bulldozer rhythms coming. Although the band started in January 2000 and Let the World Burn is only its second release on Eulogy, it’s obvious these boys have grown and matured on the road. If Eulogy founder and guitarist Wylie can manage to run a label, tour and write songs like “The Bond to Breathe,” he must be doing something right. Let the hammer strike.