Mikael Akerfeldt has never rested on his laurels. As singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Swedish experimental band Opeth, he has upped the ante with each successive release. Fans of the now-legendary Blackwater Park will devour Deliverance on first listen. Five of the six songs on this full-length release are more than 10 minutes long. Unlike early Opeth releases, such as “Orchid,” songs on the new album, such as the album-opening “Wreath” and “Master’s Apprentice,” are effective on first listen. Along with his accomplished rhythm section—Martin Mendes on bass and Martin Lopez on drums—Akerfeldt and guitarist Peter Lindgren weave enormous soundscapes rooted heavily in 1970s progressive rock (Camel, Trapeze). Although songs like the 13-minute “By the Pain I See in Others” may not set radio stations on fire, they’ll have a place in the hearts of progressive-leaning metalheads for years to come.