Juno Reactor

Hotaka EP

Juno Reactor continues its exploration of indigenous sounds and live instrumentation with this four-track EP, a collection of mixes of the “Hotaka” single. The “Radio edit” establishes the track’s basic elements: a percolating electronic sequence, an old man’s Asian-sounding chant, fiery Taiko drums played by Gocoo, and spy-theme guitar. The “12-inch dance version” begins with ethereal singing before Steve Stevens—yeah, Billy Idol’s old guitar-playing crony—turns up to add a Randy Rhoads-inspired riff. The “Thomas P. Heckman remix” avoids just about everything that distinguishes the original track, and touches only briefly on the spy-guitar motif. Things improve with the “Der Dritte Raum remix,” which spotlights the Taiko drumming and adds spoken-word elements—giving “Hotaka” its most dynamic treatment, complete with a heady chill section and a satisfying, cymbal-laden climax.