The Turn-Ons

Love Ruined Us

The Turn-Ons have been a popular draw in Seattle for a couple of years now, and it is not hard understand why. “Love Ruined Us” is the Turn-Ons’ second CD, and, though only five songs appear on it, five songs from the Turn-Ons are better than 99 percent of the crap released in 2002. The title song, “Love Ruined Us,” would be a certified No. 1 hit if the Turn-Ons had a chance to be played on the radio. “So Damn Queen” and “Losing My Mind” are such stunning tributes to the Bowie/Bolan sound of the 1970s that I had to check the liner notes to see if they were covers. But the Turn-Ons are not a retro band; they are simply a group that knows how to write and arrange uncluttered rock ’n’ roll songs. Combine that with their good looks, fashion sense and the most beautiful female bassist in the music world, and you have what rock ’n’ roll is all about.