Rated 4.0 Nebraska farm life in Hilary Birmingham’s naturalistic drama has the smell of freshly cut hay and emanates the rich tones and emotions of one of John Mellencamp’s better Heartland hymns. Welcome to the Coates farm, where Tully Sr. (Bob Burrus) lives and works with his sons, Tully Jr. (Anson Mount) and his younger sibling Earl (Glenn Fitzgerald). Tully Jr. wrestles with his wild streak and lives up to his reputation as the local Lothario. One day, Tully Sr. is slapped with a $300,000 lien on his farm. The threatened foreclosure appears to be a clerical mistake at first and then opens a Pandora’s box of deception and domestic heartache. The film is honeyed but honest, melancholy and modest. It languidly feeds us layers of character and finds strength in deceptive simplicity as conflict and secrets tug at the bonds between father and sons, brothers, lovers and friends. M.H.