Darkness Falls

Rated 1.0 In the small town of Darkness Falls, there’s a legend of a woman lynched 150 years ago who comes back to terrorize kids when they lose their last baby tooth. They call her … the Tooth Fairy! Say what??? Incredibly, the nitwit pun in the title is one of the more intelligent things in this lame-brained, incompetent horror film. Not only that, but the back story we hear in a five-minute prologue is more interesting than the whole rest of the movie. The script by Joe Harris, John Fasano and James Vanderbilt is low-camp self-parody, and director Jonathan Liebesman’s idea of building suspense is to shoot whole scenes in pitch blackness and throw a blast of scare music on the sound track every minute or so. Most of the cast has never made a movie before; already the actors’ careers are looking up.